What We Do

What We Do2019-05-27T11:21:55+03:00

Peace Building 

Building Peace is a core objective for SYPD In this sector, the organization will perform the following activities:

  • Capacity Building programs through trainings that equip communities with non-violent conflict resolution skills
  • Conflict Analysis to study the root causes that drive and sustain conflicts and to craft sustainable strategies to overcome them
  • Peace-dividend projects that build healthy relationships that re- connect societies polarized by war


SYPD believes that peacebuilding and development intertwine. The lack of the former makes the latter impossible to realize and vice versa. Therefore, SYPD strives to initiate sustainable development projects in tandem with its peacebuilding efforts. In this sector, the organization will focus on the following: Agricultural development through targeted trainings on best agronomical practices, land cultivation for poor subsistence farmers, and provision of quality seeds

  • Infrastructure development with a particular focus on productive infrastructures that support local economic growth such irrigation canals, culverts and roads
  • Economic development through micro-financing and creation of sustainable income generation sources

Humanitarian Emergency and Relief

SYPD is a pioneer in emergency response and provision of humanitarian relief to communities in Africa affected by manmade and natural disasters. In this sector, the organization will focus on the following areas:

  • Food Assistance
  • Provision of safe drinking water
  • Hygiene and sanitation e.g. construction of latrines and garbage disposal sites for Internally Displaced People and rehabilitation of Strategic
  • Shallow wells and Boreholes
  • Development of temporary/transitional Shelters
  • Distribution of Non-Food-Item kits (NFIs) to IDPs
  • Nutrition and health support