To increase the accessibility of food security, SYPD though partnership with SSF Implemented Livelihood project including Land preparation, distribution of assorted seeds with fertilizer and capacity building of local farmers in Beletweyn district- Hiiran Region, Hirshabelle State of Somalia.

To increase availability of drinking clean water, SYPD Rehabilitated strategic Public Shallow wells in Baidoa district- South West State of Somalia through fund from Somalia Humanitarian Fund (SHF)

SYPD through Support of Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe (DKH) Rehabilitated Strategic shallow wells in Hiiran Region, Hirshabelle State of Somalia.

To increase shelter access to the vulnerable IDPs in Baidoa and minimize the use of Open defecation SYPD though support of SHF constructed communal latrines with handwashing facilities and Simi-permanent shelter which environmental friendly.

Wet Feeding Programme 2017 implemented by SYPD with support of WPF and OIC being held in Hiiraan region, Hirshabelle State of Somalia.

In partnership with UNICEF, SYPD Implemented an integrated nutrition project of actual malnutrition and EPI service program In Bulo-Burte district, Hiiran Region, Somalia.

SYPD though support of Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe (DKH) distributed assorted essential borehole accessories in Hiiran Region- Hirshabelle State of Somalia.

To increase livelihood of Agro-pastoralist in Hiiran Region, SYPD though support of Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) implemented restocking project.